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A First Few Fast Flower Facts!

  • A variety of Pink or DianthusThe colour pink is named after the flower! Pinks are known as such not due to their colour but allegedly because of the pinks (ragged edges) on their petals.
  • We do not see some colours in flowers ? they actually are more vividly coloured than even we see them. For example, the daisy has a colourful central zone that we do not see ? but that butterflies do, therefore aiding  them to be pollinated.
  • The same chemicals that give cherries their colour may be a better pain relief agent than aspirin or ibuprofen.
  • Life jackets used to be stuffed with the stems of sunflowers
  • How much rent would you think Prince Charles would be paid in rent for his lands on the Island of Scilly? The answer is one daffodil!
  • Honey bees must visit two million flowers to make just one pound of honey! Each worker bee makes 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime!

That is just a first brief glimpse into the wonderful world of mother nature.

More to come - so watch this space!

Prepared by Viki.

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