Adelaide Flower Market

Adelaide-Flower-Market-1For one of our team, this week has seen a short, impromptu and pretty much whirlwind trip to Adelaide, for family reasons. While there, he simply couldn't resist a visit to the local flower market, so we thought we'd share the experience - and a couple of pictures - with you.  Those of you who have been to Aalsmeer or Westland will see from the pictures that this visit to Adelaide Flower Market has certainly been different to our visits to these other markets in recent months.



What was probably most striking about this market was the personal service from knowledgeable wholesalers, and taking the opportunity to chat to them about the market.  In some ways, it was rather reminiscent of many of the visits to local markets in younger years, bringing back some amazing memories of the early morning starts and the general buzz and excitement of going, so a very worthwhile visit to have made!

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