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Flower Gel

Flower Gel Information

Have you ever wondered how we manage to keep your flowers fresh whilst they're in transit to you? Wonder no more! We've created this handy infographic to help explain what our Stay Fresh flower gel is, how it keeps your flowers at their freshest, and the benefits of using it compared to other methods.

How We Keep Your Flowers


The Nutrients

We use a specially formulated nutrient rich hydroponic gel, keeping your flowers fresh without the risks of leaks or spoils.


Rheology Modifiers

Unlike other gels on the market, ours uses rheology modifiers to release water. It is released under pressure as a liquid and then solidifies as a gel.


The Hydration

Water and nutrients are released to every stem, unlike other delivery methods that only hydrate outer stems that they are in contact with.


Remove Flower Gel

Your flowers should not remain in their gel for any longer than 72 hours. Remember to remove the gel pack when your bouquet arrives.


Freshly Arrived

Your delivered flowers will look every bit as fresh as when they left us!

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