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Star Sign Flowers

What star sign are you? And what does that mean for your personality?


May 22 to Jun 21

24 Red Roses Bouquet with Free Next Day Delivery  - Fresh flowers delivered, from Clare Florist. If you're sending flowers to an Gemini, we'd recommend 24 Red Roses.

Innocence White Roses Innocence White Roses
inc. Free Standard Delivery


Jun 22 to Jul 22

Innocence the meaning of pure white roses, twenty crisp fresh roses hand tied and perfectly presented. If you're sending flowers to an Cancerian, we'd recommend Innocence White Roses.


Jul 23 to Aug 23

Fiery orange roses immediately conjure up passionate thoughts of romance, twelve orange roses meaning Desire If you're sending flowers to an Leo, we'd recommend Dozen Orange Roses.


Aug 24 to Sep 22

Twelve luxury red roses, send today with next-day free delivery from £39.99. - Fresh flower delivery from Clare Florist. If you're sending flowers to an Virgo, we'd recommend Twelve Red Roses.

Burst of Summer Burst of Summer
inc. Free Standard Delivery


Sep 23 to Oct 22

Winter Sunshine - fresh flowers bursting with all the colours of the season. Send today with free next day delivery. If you're sending flowers to an Libra, we'd recommend Winter Sunshine.

Gerbera Gem Bouquet Gerbera Gem Bouquet
inc. Free Standard Delivery


Oct 23 to Nov 21

A gem of a bouquet. Fun filled and packed with vibrant cerise,and pink germinis. These jolly flowers can be delivered 7 days week throughout the UK. If you're sending flowers to an Scorpio, we'd recommend Gerbera Gem Bouquet.


Nov 22 to Dec 21

Fresh and fruity mix of Germini, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Statice and Carnations with Free Next Day Delivery for £32.99. Fresh flowers delivered by Clare Florist. If you're sending flowers to an Sagittarius, we'd recommend Tutti Frutti.


Dec 22 to Jan 20

Cerise Rosmeria by Clare Florist - fresh Roses and Alstromeria, includes free next working day delivery and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're sending flowers to an Capricorn, we'd recommend Cerise Rosmeria Bouquet .

Freesia Fragrance Freesia Fragrance
inc. Free Standard Delivery


Jan 21 to Feb 19

Forty stems of fresh freesia make up our Freesia Fragrance Bouquet. Free next day delivery. If you're sending flowers to an Aquarius, we'd recommend Freesia Fragrance.

Springtime Daze Springtime Daze
inc. Free Standard Delivery


Feb 20 to Mar 20

Springtime Daze seasonal spring flowers with free next day delivery. Send fresh flowers with Clare Florist, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you're sending flowers to an Piscean, we'd recommend Springtime Daze.

Daydream Delight Daydream Delight
inc. Free Standard Delivery


Mar 21 to Apr 20

Daydream Delight Rose & Freesia Bouquet. Free next day delivery included. If you're sending flowers to an Aries, we'd recommend Daydream Delight.

Sensation Lilies Sensation Lilies
inc. Free Standard Delivery


Apr 21 to May 21

A hand tied bouquet of scented pink oriental lilies to send to your loved ones as a unique and breathtaking gift. If you're sending flowers to an Taurus, we'd recommend Sensation Lilies.

It is well known that each star sign is attributed with a set of characteristics typical to those born under it. Those falling under Taurus, for example, are thought of as loving and loyal, tending to have more traditional taste, while Arians are known for their passion, energy, and adventurous spirit.

As well as their distinctive characteristics, each sign has a corresponding birthstone, colour, and even flower. Understanding these traits and associations can help to personalise the gifts we send to our loved ones, and give them a bit more luck for the year to come.

If you're sending flowers and want to add some extra thought or meaning to your gift, why not take a look at our suggestions below for sending flowers that reflect the recipient's Zodiac sign?

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