Very serene - Bouquets in green;

Green flowers are said to bring good luck and a deep tranquility that is associated with harmony and stability. A bouquet of green flowers can make for a nice change from some of our more typically colourful bouquets, offering a more subdued feel.

Green is the colour of nature, fertility and life; think of green and you probably start to imagine spring, freshly budding forests and morning dew on blades of grass. Green is a restful colour and symbolizes self-respect and well-being. This most natural colour of all has been said to symbolise balance, meaning, learning, growth and harmony.

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    Green Flower Collection
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    Aberlour Children's Charity Bouquet
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    Chrysanthemum Craze
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    Tutti Frutti
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    Maggie's Flowers
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    Thanks Mum!

Order Green Flowers for Any Occasion

Our expert florists have selected the finest green flowers and foliage, assembling them with complimentary coloured flowers into luscious hand-tied bouquets that will surely satisfy the senses.

So browse through our selection of serene green, and find that perfect fresh bouquet for you, resplendent in the green cape of nature.

Green Flower Delivery with Clare Florist

Free standard next working day delivery is included with all green flower orders. You can also send green flowers for Saturday or Sunday delivery for a small surcharge.