The Rainblow Flower in Gorgeous Sky Blue!

As we know, the Iris comes in a staggering array of colours. But is any truly more beautiful than the deep blue of the irises in the bouquets shown here? While red flowers may speak of passion, and golden blooms of summer sun, there is a purity and a deeply refreshing quality to blue flowers, which these vibrant blue irises have in abundance!

the name 'iris' comes from the Greek word for 'rainbow', which is completely apt when you consider the dizzying range of colours they come in! Bright, showy, audacious, the iris is a plant that refuses to be ignored. Bouquets of irises are always exciting to send, and a joy to receive!

  • 32.99inc. std. delivery
    Indigo Skies
  • 34.99inc. std. delivery
    Midnight Iris
  • 34.9932.99inc. std. delivery
    It's a Boy! Baby Bouquet
  • 34.99inc. std. delivery
    Baby Boy Flowers with Theirworld
  • 32.9927.99inc. std. delivery
    Springtime Daze
  • 32.9929.99inc. std. delivery
    Serene Dreams Bouquet
  • 36.9929.99inc. std. delivery
    Blue Dew
  • 34.99inc. std. delivery
    Erskine Bouquet
  • 34.99inc. std. delivery
    Encephalitis Society Bouquet
  • 34.99inc. std. delivery
    Guide Dogs UK Bouquet
  • 32.99inc. std. delivery
    Support Dogs Charity Bouquet
  • 39.9934.99inc. std. delivery
    Thanks Mum!
  • 49.9944.99inc. std. delivery
    Burst of Spring Gift Set

Iris flowers generally come from the Northern temperate zones – the continents of Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa and North America. They're one of those plants that make you glad that horticulture came about, just so that we could get these fun and exciting flowers!

And of course ordering from Clare Florist, you don't just get stunning blue irises – you get them hand-tied by dedicated professionals, expertly packed with painstaking care, and delivered straight to you with free next day delivery.