Proud Blue Thistles for a Magisterial Bouquet

What flower looks so kingly as the thistle? What other flower can approach the prickly majesty of the Flower O' Scotland, standing as it does with straight back and with thorns held proudly out. Truly, this is one flower that nobody will spurn with impunity. Purple thistles of course look astonishing; but for something more unusual, perhaps even more eyecatching, thistles with blue flowers are a wonderful alternative. The bouquets on this page feature blue thistles, looking proud amidst the pomp and circumstance of some of our most magnificent bouquets.

  • 34.99inc. std. delivery
    Aberlour Children's Charity Bouquet

You can order bouquets of blue thistles from us, and get them delivered the very next day, with no delivery costs whatsoever. Getting flowers delivered from Clare Florist is always a pleasant experience; we offer professional, prompt service, with no small print to worry about – just beautiful flowers to cherish and sniff (although careful about putting your nose too close to these thistles...)