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Clare Florist deliver flowers to Monks Eleigh, Suffolk

Flower Delivery to Monks Eleigh with Clare Florist

Monks Eleigh, a village in the county of Suffolk, is located in the eastern region of England. It sits on the north bank of the River Brett as part of the larger civil parish of Babergh.

The name of the village suggests that there may have been a monastery on the site at one time, but that is not the case. Throughout the village’s history it has been a  peculiar of Canterbury, meaning a parish which is controlled outside it normal territorial jurisdiction so that even though Monks Eleigh is located away from Canterbury, the lands of the village were for many centuries, controlled by the Dean of Canterbury.

The parish church in Monks Eleigh is dedicated to St. Peter and built around 1350. The tower was added in the 15th century. The tower with six bells is one of the highest in the area and can be seen for miles around. In addition to St. Peter’s Church, the Monks Eleigh Congregational Chapel, now a United Reformed Church was founded in 1820. Within the village there are many private homes which date back to the 16th century.

Monks Eleigh has traditionally been a farming community, dominating the wool and cloth trades in the 14th and 15th centuries. The village green in the centre of Monks Eleigh, near the church, is large and contains a historic village spring and well that was used up until the mid-20th century. In addition, the Millennium Green is a newly cleared open space in Monks Eleigh, with walking paths and many species of flora and fauna to enjoy, as well as a great spot for bird watching.

To send flowers to Monks Eleigh, use Clare Florist. As an online florist, they have a wide variety of flowers, plants, and gifts to send to your loved ones in Monks Eleigh. Clare Florist provides next-day floral delivery to Monks Eleigh, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to send flowers to Monks Eleigh for birthdays, special occasions, or just to make your special someone in Monks Eleigh smile.

Flower delivery in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk from Clare Florist

Our florists love making bouquets and arrangements for UK flower delivery, and we can send flowers to Monks Eleigh, Suffolk for you. We have a wide range of Roses, Freesia flower bouquets, and Lilies, as well as Classic Bouquets and our Colourful flower Bouquets, and our range of Flowers under £21.00. Our home page provides more information on our extensive range of next-day flower delivery services, all of which are available for next day UK flower delivery to Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, Or indeed anywhere in the UK! When you're thinking of a gift to give on birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and other occasions, why not send flowers to Monks Eleigh, Suffolk? Through us, you can choose from a variety of bouquets to those close to your heart. We also offer next-day delivery service in case you want your blooms to arrive right on schedule. So if you want flowers delivered on special occasions, make sure to order flowers for delivery to Monks Eleigh, Suffolk. Best of all, our seven day freshness guarantee means you can rest assured knowing your special someone will enjoy their flowers for days after delivery.

Sending Flowers to Monks Eleigh, Suffolk

Our flowers delivery services in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk are usually made by DPD or Royal Mail Special Delivery. 99.9% of our flowers are delivered by 5pm on the requested day - (more commonly before noon), except UK Public Holidays. We also offer a range of next-day flower delivery options in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk - specific information is available during checkout.

Flower delivery information for Monks Eleigh, Suffolk

Please ask if you need special arrangements, as sometimes we can accommodate special requests. Email and we'll try to help.

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At appropriate times of year we can also deliver Valentine's Day flowers, Easter Flowers, Mother's Day flowers, and Christmas Flowers to Monks Eleigh, Suffolk.

The Small Print?
The Small Print?

There is no small print! When you order flowers for delivery in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk with Clare Florist, that's exactly what you get - flowers delivered in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, without any fuss.

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