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What flowers were delivered for Mother's Day 2007

What flowers were delivered for Mother's Day 2007

In previous posts within this blog there was some excellent work carried out by Viki on what flowers women wanted as well as those that men would like to buy for their Mother for Mother's day.

I would like to slightly build on that here by presenting a short analyisis of what types of flowers we actually delivered around the UK in the period leading upto and including Mother's Day 2007.

The graph shows the percentages of each of the main types of flowers Clare Florist delivered throughout the Uk for Mother's day in 2007.  The top performers were : -Delivered flowers in the UK for Mother's Day by Clare Florist  - graph

Flower typePercentage delivered
(for top 92%)
Tulips 44
Roses 14
Lillies 11
Carnations 10
Orchids 7
Iris 6

This list is I believe strongly skewed towards the seasonal flowers (tulips) which are constituents within the special offers we have been promoting. Despite this it is clear that the traditional favourites like roses, carnations and lillies are still coming to the fore.

It will be interesting to see how this changes over the coming months.

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