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5 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

5 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Every year, Father's Day falls on the third Sunday of June in the UK - same as in the US where the tradition originated from. This is different to Mother's Day, which has different dates in the UK and USA owing to different native traditions. So Father's Day this year will be Sunday the 16th of June.

Dads are the best. Always ready to help you out of a jam and provide you with fatherly advice. And, of course, who doesn't love dad jokes? So let's hear it for dads. Let's hear it for dad bods and dancing like a dad. Whether they are a source of wisdom or a source of silliness, you can always rely on dad.

And Father's Day provides the perfect reason to get dad a special gift to remind him what he means to you. So without further ado, here is our Father's Day gift guide:

1. Concert Tickets – whether he's a fan of classic rock or stand-up comedy, why not treat your dad to a night out to see his favourite performer. Better yet, get a couple of tickets and accompany him along to the show!

2. His Favourite Tipple – Is your dad fond of a pint of beer? Or maybe he's something of a whisky connoisseur? Whatever his poison is, a bottle of something to wet his whistle is sure to go down a treat, so to speak.


3. Gift Voucher – not every dad is easy to pin down. If you’re not sure what he’d like specifically, why not get him a gift voucher which relates to his hobby.


4. A Meal – why not take dad out and treat him to his favourite meal? Whether it’s a steak dinner, a curry or a nice meal at a cosy Italian restaurant, it’s always nice to have a meal out somewhere.


5. A Bouquet of Flowers – you thought flowers were just for mum? It’s 2019! Loads of dads have green fingers, and you’d be surprised by how many of them would really enjoy being sent flowers for Father’s Day.


Over to you – which of these ideas would you opt for? Or do you have something else in mind which we’ve neglected to mention? See you in the comments section!


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