Cymbidium - the beautiful boat orchid with enchanting vibrant petals!

Cymbidium is the name for a whole group of plants, also known collectively as the boat orchids – or, if you're on first-name terms, just cym. These amazing orchids have a truly distinctive appearance – a bold array of five large, colourful petals, surrounding a classic orchid's "face". And it really does look a little like a face, too!

Like many of the flowers we stock (try looking up chrysanthemums!) cymbidium have great significance in certain cultures. In the case of cym, it's a culinary significance – in Bhutan, the flowers of one particular type, Cymbidium hookerianum, are regarded as a great delicacy. Unlike most other floral dishes, which tend to treat flowers delicately as part of a tea or salad, the Bhutanese treat cymbidium as a proper ingredient, cooking it into a spicy stew called "olatshe".

But while we don't recommend mashing up the cymbidium which you receive from Clare Florist for a curry, they're certainly a feast for the eyes. Cymbidium come in an amazing range of colours: white, green, cream, yellow, brown, pink, and red cymbidium can all be found!

Cymbidiums Flower Delivery with Clare Florist

Like all of the bouquets we at Clare Florist offer for online delivery, we guarantee you that your Cymbidium Bouquet will look every bit as great as it ought to when it comes to your door. Our expert staff florists love flowers, and their care and passion comes across in every hand-tied arrangement that we send out. With all bouquets available for FREE next day delivery, we're the obvious online choice for sending flowers in the UK.

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We deliver Cymbidium flowers across UK, and when you order from us you get peace of mind that your flowers will arrive with you fresh and in beautiful condition.

We are not using this flower in our range at present.

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