Delphiniums: a truly classic summer garden flower.

Delphinium, also commonly known as Larkspur, is a tall, upright plant whose flowers can produce breathtakingly rich displays of colour. With a wide range of these colours, the delphinium is a really versatile flower, hence why they make such a wide range of bouquets look so appealing. Those colours are so potent that the juice of the flowers can be used to make ink! No wonder they look amazing on a kitchen table.

There's something about the shape – tall and fearless – of a delphinium, set against the delicate, soft appearance of its petals, that makes this flower incredibly unique. In a bouquet of other flowers, it is always visible – never fading into the background – but also never threatens to overwhelm the bouquet. Similarly, it makes a great flower for garden borders, to set behind an array of smaller plants. It's these remarkable features that have made the delhpinium into one of the truly classic summer garden plants.

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Did you know? the name "delphinium" comes from the Greek word delphis, meaning "dolphin", referring to this lovely plant's bottlenose-shaped flowers.