Dendrobium: amazing orchids with waterfalls of tumbling petals!

You'd have to say there's something special about these beautiful cascading orchids. Something other and wonderful, hard to quite pin down with words. It's certainly no coincidence that they've remained outstandingly popular all around the world: from use in traditional Chinese medicine (much like the chrysanthemum) to appearances on Australian stamps. A dendrobium (called Kimilsungia!) is even the emblem of North Korea, and other varieties are the emblems of provinces in China and Thailand.

The genus dendrobium is enormous, containing around 1200 different variations on the basic design of this stunning orchid. The celebrated Swedish botanist and taxonomist Olof Swartz was the first to classify the dendrobium under modern naming conventions, giving it the name dendrobium in 1799. The name comes from the Greek, and translates as 'one who lives on trees'.

Dendrobium Flower Delivery with Clare Florist

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