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There are two families of plants commonly referred to as Larkspur – click here for our page on Delphinium. This page is dedicated to the other kinds of Larkspur, from the family Consolida. These plants are closely related to Delphinium, but are genetically distinct.

The Consolida Larkspur is native to Western Europe, the Mediterranean and through to Central Asia. It has an open, loose set of flowers, less tightly packed than those of Delphinium. The result is that, while just as beautiful, these Larkspur have a very different visual effect in bouquets – something that you can be sure our expert florists take into account when they're assembling these pretty blooms into our fabulous bouquets. See below for a selection of just what amazing bouquets these are!

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    Blue Flower Collection

Larkspur Flower Delivery with Clare Florist

All of our bouquets here at Clare Florist are precisely and expertly arranged by our professional florists, who take exceptional care to make every single bouquet individual and wonderful, and safely packed so that it arrives to you in pristine condition. Furthermore, all of our bouquets are available for FREE next-day delivery all across the UK!