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April Fools Day

April Fools Day

You will probably have seen or be aware of the spaghetti tree hoax made by the BBC in 1957 for April Fools Day, this was when the Panorama programme ran an article filming a family taking part in their annual "spaghetti harvest", where women were seeing carefully lifting strands of spaghetti from their "spaghetti tree". 

It is customary on 1st April for tricks to be played amongst family and friends - but only until 12:00 noon.  The more imaginative the better, as people are likely to be more "On their guard" on this day.

There appears to be no clear evidence for when the custom actually began, although there are a couple of theories.  One of these is that prior to the Gregorian calendar (the one which we use today), which was introduced in 1582 (although Britain did not accept it until 1752), New Year was celebrated from 25 March - 1 April.  In France some people would forget and celebrate New Year on 1 April which lead to them being called "April Fools" and people playing tricks on them.

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