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What does Easter mean to you? - by Age

What does Easter mean to you? - by Age

Some "food for thought" - As promised the following are the opinions from a variety of people and ages when asked "What does Easter mean to you?"

  • Easter Eggs and Presents!? Ross, 5
  • Eating lots of chocolate and getting time off school? Kirsty, 13
  • The end of winter and the start of spring? Nicola, 24
  • Nothing much now, it is really for kids. I used to love getting Easter Eggs when I was younger, but now I just like to make sure my little one enjoys it? James, 30
  • Spending time with family. Eating a lovely meal with loved ones? Karen, 46
  • Hiding eggs for an Easter egg hunt. My grandchildren love finding the eggs! I like to make the day as fun as possible ? easter egg painting, making easter cards ? I've done the lot!? Corrine, 62
  • Easter always makes me think of when I was young. I loved watching the Easter parade and making Easter bonnets. You don't see that much of it these days ? it's changed a lot. We used to ?make do? with what we had ? decorating the bonnets with scraps of ribbons and flowers. It was all great fun though. Peggy, 83

There are some recurring themes throughout the age groups - but with so many differing opinions, I will leave you to ponder this yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Somerfied Survey

Following on from my entry yesterday, Somerfield Supermarket conducted their own survey.  The findings were as follows (information from "The Metro" Newspaper Wednesday April 4 2007):

"Many young people do not know why Easter is celebrated, even though they buy chocolate eggs".

Britons in the 15-24 age brackett are "least likely to know the meaning of Easter"

1 out of 10 adults "did not understand the significance of Easter Sunday" and this dropped to 1 in 6 when asked about the importance of Good Friday.

50% were giving something up for Lent but did not know the religious reason why, not surprising then that only 20% of those surveyed said that they would be attending Church this Easter.

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