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Father's Day - history, problems, memories and gadgets.

The history of Father's Day is nowhere near as well established as Mother's Day (which goes back 1000's of years), Father's Day goes back only as far as 1909. The thing it does have in common is it was the creation of a strong-hearted American woman. It can be on a different date each year – much like Mother's Day, and also has the similarity of always being on a Sunday. Father's Day always falls on the third Sunday of June.

Father's Day problems

It's true, buying a present or celebrating Mother's Day is much easier than for Father's Day. Unless your Father has a particular interest/hobby such as fishing or reading, or whatever most people find that it is very difficult to buy for your father. A lot of  people I have found in this situation go for elaborate gadgets which obviously get more and more technical and expensive each year. But is it the present that is really important? I mean my Dad's main interest is watching the TV, and as he already has one of those (in each room) that is not an option. I have also found that I am certainly not by any means alone in this situation.

Father's Day  - Memories versus Gadgets

Although too late for this year (although if you have yet to give your Dad a present, or if the weather can be blamed!), here are possible ideas for next year (from real Dad's):

Spending a day at the beach with my family, flying kites and building sandcastles, then eating a delicious picnic made by my better half.Mike, father of Emily, 7, and Molly, 22 months.
“Having the pleasure of my wife's company – without - the kids for a few hours”Erik, father of Laura, 16, and Peter, 5
“Having the kids tidy up their rooms and make their beds – seriously!”Peter, father of Fiona,10, and Jed, 6
“Sharing some laughs with my kids”Alan, father of Lilianna, 19, Zak, 16, Daisy, 14, Emma Rose,11
“Taking the family for a walk in the woods, with no pressures to get anywhere. Then I want a cigar.”Josh, father of Christopher, 5 months

(Taken from

Anyway, that's me for now. Again, I am only sorry this did not come earlier – but I hope it has given least some of you something to think about.

By For Now!  Prepared by Viki, posted by Bob.

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