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Remembrance Day

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As you know yesterday was Remembrance Day.
What a lovely sunny day it was and really good to see how many schools are trying to involve children in the history of what Remembrance Day is all about.
For me it is a particularly special day, my Dad died on Remembrance Day 15 years ago. Not that I would ever forget the date but it's a good day to have time to stop and reflect.
His favourite flower was sunflowers which I felt were so apt yesterday being such a nice sunny day.
He was of the generation that done National Service and loved telling all his stories of those exciting times.

A neighbour of mine who sadly passed away this year in his 90th year also loved telling me his proud stories of the war, he was one of the last soldiers who were brought home on a paddle steamer from France at he end of the Second World War.

Watching the news last night really made me think what changes in the world those last three soldiers of the First World War have seen, they were all so young at that time.

It amazes us how many orders we receive from soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq who are missing their loved ones.
But also makes you realise what a small world it is now with the use of the internet to be able to keep in touch no mater where in the world you are.

I have two children who were asking lots of questions yesterday on why the World War started and to my shame I really didn't know all the answers but did spend time on the internet researching to give them the answers they needed. It made me realise we should really appreciate the history that our older friends and relatives have stored in their minds and we should all make more effort to talk more and remember.


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