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Theraputic Flowers

You probably already know flowers are therapeutic.
Just looking at a few flowers in a vase on your dinning table can instantly make you feel better.
Leaning over to enjoy the sweet scent can lift your day. "Stop and smell the roses" is a saying that we all recognise.
Take it to heart and take time in each and every day to find a moment to make yourself feel good.
Flowers have a powerful effect on us all. Their beauty and perfume intrigue us. Gazing at a beautiful flower allows us to slow our pace and pause from the chaotic daily routine to spend a few moments immersed in the joy of beholding its beauty or smelling its sweet scent.
Try if you can and place flowers close to a bedroom window and leave the window slightly ajar to allow the sweet smell to drift into your dreams. This way you can transfer nature inside your house to help ease stress and experience it's soothing effect.
As a special gift or treat you could purchase roses every Friday to feel a soothing tone in the house for the weekend or you could enjoy a romantic night by sprinkling some petals on the bed sheets before a special evening.
Sprinkling bath water with fresh flowers is also a lovely thing to do that can be very relaxing. Being in a bath with beautiful flowers and candles around you gives you a real feeling of sensuous luxury. The colours and beauty of the flowers enters the mind and allows it to relax.
Use flowers in strategic locations to help energize and improve your mood.
Put some sunny yellow flowers on the breakfast table to stimulate energy to start the day with feelings of goodwill.
For all you home workers try a vase of bright red flowers which will help energize the work place.
Send a gift of flowers and help generate joy. It is hard to stay mad at someone who arrives with a bouquet of flowers.
It's a fact the flowers make people happy!!!

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