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Spring has arrived !

I cannot quite believe the clocks have sprung forward already. But it's great to know that we now will have longer afternoons and more daylight.
I like to go cycling when I finish work so it's great to get back out in the evenings again. Here's me out on my bike when the sun was shining!


It all helps with the diet and especially now that we have the biggest chocolate eating festival of Easter approaching.
Has anyone else notice how reasonable Easter Eggs are this year? 

It seems crazy when the press are constantly going on about how our country is becoming obese.
We had thought about doing chocolate eggs with flowers but have decided to opt for the healthy option of flowers only!
Its really nice to see all the spring blossom coming out on the trees and the daffodils and snowdrops everywhere.
We have a few new fabulous Easter designs for those of you wishing to send someone some Easter wishes or perhaps even thanking them for having you to visit over the holidays.
Here are a few of our Easter Designs available for delivery for Easter Thursday and Saturday.
Tulips and Freesia 


Yellow Lilies
Easter Yellow Tulips



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