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Clare Florist April News Special:

Clare Florist has today announced it is to sell a new range of ever lasting fresh flowers.

Scientists working in conjunction with Clare Florist to produce everlasting flowers Mandarinblues
Clare Florist has been working closely with a team of Dutch flower experts (Con van de prank) who specialise in the plastination technique which was discovered by anatomist Gunther von Hagens, who invented the preservation process and is the force behind the "Body Worlds" museum exhibitions (von Hagens's organization has plastinated elephants, humans, and other animals). The specialist process involves replacing flower fluids with silicone. This will lead to flowers being preserved indefinitely and giving a more natural effect than other fake or false flowers or silk flowers that are on the market. They require no water or looking after and can be rearranged time after time.

These flowers will be presented in an array of live forever bouquets and will be available as of today priced from £1570.23 (As the process is improved the price is expected to come down)

Industry insiders are said to be concerned about these everlasting flowers hitting the shops as they will be a threat to the real fresh cut flower industry, the "ever lasting" fresh flowers range do not however keep a scent so every purchase comes with a free litre bottle of flower perfume which should be sprayed on the bouquets every 2 hours.

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