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Why Flowers?


Everyone loves flowers:

Were you aware that having floral arrangements in our homes and places of work gives us feelings of sensual positivity?   Flowers can actually change the way in which our brains work, changing our moods and releasing endorphins to help us feel healthier and more assured.  This is why bouquets and flower arrangements have been used to celebrate special occasions,  given as gifts and used to brighten up settings,  environments and locations for so many years. 


How do flowers add quality to our lives? 

Much research and study has taken place by recognised scientists to discover the qualities and properties that make flowers the ultimate brightener.  Nearly every woman who received flowers as a surprise showed immediate happiness and this happy mood lasted for approximately 3 days after being given them. 
The colours and scents that are unique to flowers assist in elevating an individuals state of mind;  by lifting the aura and adding a stimulus to a setting thus helping as an aid to relieve depression.  It has also been proved that people with flowers displayed in their homes show more imagination and creativity compared to those without. 


Roseandfreesia giftset  


What other flower power have scientists discovered? 

In the 1990's it was ascertained that cut flowers (and plants growing and developing flowers) helped to lower the blood pressure in patients with various illnesses.  Also at this time it became apparent that patients with flowers at their tables when eating,  consumed their food at a slower rate to those who did not, suggesting that flowers contribute to a humans well-being at a subconscious level.  Other studies have shown that flowers given as gifts and presents are good for developing a bond between a man and a woman and also for improving communication with loved ones and friends. 


So go ahead and spread the powers of flowers.....

With all the stresses and strains that modern life throws at us and the fast paced nature at which we live,  flower bouquets and arrangements are a stress relief, they provide us with a calming influence as well as showing that special person or people just how much we care and appreciate them.



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