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Christmas Flowers

Favourite-christmas-bouquet Christmas-cracker At Yuletide there are many popular Christmas flowers that we use to honour and mark the festive season.  All over the world flowers and plants form a major part of Christmas decorations by adding colour as  many of these Christmas flowers happen to bloom around the months of December - coinciding with the Christmas holiday season.  Plants and flowers such as;  holly,  ivy,  mistletoe,  Christmas Roses (Helleborus) and Poinsettia.

Holly_in_Winter Mistletoe_Berries_Uk In many Western cultures, holly is used in Christmas wreaths and is used to symbolise truth.  Ivy was believed to have magical powers as it remains green during winter and it symbolises eternity and resurection.  Mistletoe was believed to have healing powers and was used as an antidote for poison,  infertillity and to ward off evil spirits,  it was seen as a symbol of peace.  The Christmas Rose is a celebrated English plant that is regarded as a true Christmas flower.   It is sometimes called the Snow or Winter Rose and it blooms during the winter months in the mountains of central Europe.  Poinsettia The Poinsettia is known as the flower of the holy night and due to its magnificent red colour during the festive season it is extensively used as decoration and it's star-shaped leaf pattern is said to symbolise the star of Bethlehem. 

Here at Clare Florist we have a superb selection of Christmas flowers that are sure to make a gorgeous gift or a tempting treat.  A Christmas flower delivery is guaranteed to evoke festive feelings and bring Christmas Cheer to any person or setting. 

All-that-glitters All of our Christmas flowers and Christmas bouquets, all available for delivery to any address in the UK,  they make make perfect presents and Christmas gifts and they will certainly show that special person,  family,  friend and loved ones just how much you care and appreciate them.



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