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Why flowers make us happy – Colours

Last week we looked at how sending and receiving flowers effects the happiness of the sender as well as the recipient and discovered something the majority of us probably already new, that values have intrinsic value when it comes to making us happy. From helping to influence positive emotions to being able to increase productivity, memory and bonds between colleges in the work place flowers is a great way to have a positive impact on another person.

Another way that flowers affect the emotions of those around them is through their colour. Colour as we all are aware has effects on the way we feel in certain rooms or environments a red room gives of a sense of warmth and comfort while a light blue room can make it feel cooler than it actually is.

These effects have been studied in the emotional response that certain flowers have on people as well.

Red flowers such as roses have a powerful warm and attention grabbing affect and are the eternal symbol of love. They create a passionate and seductive setting for couples creating intense feelings and excitement. They enhance the energy in our bodies by stimulating our adrenal glands and making us more active. Rose-2

Yellow flowers like sunflowers and daffodils help to stimulate creative and intellectual energy. They bring clarity by improving concentration and improving decision-making. It’s a color associated with unrequited love, friendship and springtime. Like red flowers yellow helps help boost our energy and make us feel more optimistic.

Blue flowers like blue bells induce feelings of peace, tranquillity and serenity and are associated with peace of mind and sleep. Even though the pigment for blue flowers is quite rare in each the same effects have been seem in purple and lilac flowers as well. Blue flowers help slow down you metabolic rate by releasing melotonin, a chemical which helps regulate our circadian rhythms and sleep.


White flowers such as white daises signify perfection and purity, tenderness, fragility and new beginnings. They help to produce a soothing and calming environment and help to relax people around them.

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