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Flower Facts for Thursday

With us being close to the end of the week, our brains are tired, were looking forward to the weekend and in need of some mental stimulation. Here are some facts, figures, challenges and general fun to keep us all occupied for one more day.

Did you know the top five best selling flowers in the UK are:

1. Carnation

2. Rose

3. Lily

4. Chrysanthemum

5. Daffodil / Narcissus


And the top 5 best selling house plants are:

1. Orchid

2. Chrysanthemum

3. Poinsettia

4. Cyclamen

5. Spring bulbs


House plants have proven research that shows they greatly improve the health and well of those that are around them. They do this through:-

  • Remove harmful chemicals from the air such as varnishes, new carpets, MDF and furniture.
  • Lessen dust in the home
  • Lower blood pressure, help concentration and improve memory.
  • Promote feelings of relaxation and well-being.


The world’s largest orchid is the Giant Orchid, Grammatophyllum speciosum. The largest one ever grown was recorded at the 1851 exhibition at Crystal Palace weighing in at 2 tonnes. Each off shoot can grow up to 3m in length and bearing up to eighty flowers each 10 cm so a the orchid off 2 tonnes had over 10,000 flowers.


Q: What do you call a stupid flower? (Highlight text below)

A: A blooming idiot.


I can take the shape of an animal.
I can take the shape of a plant.
I and my many brothers, together, we take different shapes, to build different shapes, who together build different shapes.
We can take the shape of an animal.
We can take the shape of a plant.

Highligh text below for answer

A Cell

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