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Flower Facts for Thursday

With us being close to the end of the week, our brains are tired, were looking forward to the weekend and in need of some mental stimulation. Here are some facts, figures, challenges and general fun to keep us all occupied for one more day.

One of the rarest flowers in the world is the Middlemist Red which is found in only two locations in the world, a green house in the UK and a garden in New Zealand.


The worlds smallest flowering plant is the Wolffia measuring only 0.9mm and 0.5mm wide


Broccoli is the only vegetable which is a flower.


New research into the ultimate non-stick frying pan produced the Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface coating (SLIP) which is based on research into the structure of the carnivourous pitcher plant.


In Feng shui, followers believe that chrysanthemum bring happiness to the home.


I went to the garden and got it, when I came into the house I cried because of it.

(Highlight text below for answer)



Fruity: Why was the strawberry worried?

Tooty: Ummm, I don't know! WHY?

Fruity: His Mom and Dad were in a jam!



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