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Thanksgiving Flowers and Centrepieces

This Thanksgiving holiday many families will sit down at their table ready to devour as much turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie as is feasibly possible. Another tradition that is kept alive by many families and makes the day complete is the tradition of a centrepiece, or cornucopia, a decoration that pays tribute to this special day. The cornucopia is filled with fruits, vegetables and fresh natural flowers of the types of harvestable food that were available to the pilgrims when they first celebrate this holiday.

It’s generally filled with autumn colours and flowers such as deep reds, fiery oranges and warming yellows of traditional thanksgiving flowers such as chrysanthemums, sunflowers and gerberas but other flowers such as daisies, lilacs, daffodils and dahlias can be used and are a wonderful way of making your centrepiece stand out and be remembered.

Below is a selection of some traditional and rather untraditional table centrepieces; some off these are simply amazing others are just ridiculous!


A healthy Turkey alternative


Crafty Turkey


I'm not even going to comment


A More traditional centrepiece, except the basket is made from break


Another very crafty and creative centrepiece


Your not wrong, it is indeed made of cheetos


Its a centrepiece of potatoes, nothing more, honestly.


A very traditional one to finish




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