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Tips for Tuesday - Making a Christmas Wreath

Tips for Tuesday – Make your own Christmas Wreathe


With Christmas getting ever closer many of you will have already put up your Christmas decorations or will be planning to do them over the weekend, the Christmas shopping is becoming ever more frantic and fridge will be start to fill up with all those yummy Christmas treats (pigs in blankets!!!). One great way to have a break from the Christmas Carnage is to make your very own Christmas wreath, it costs just a few quid and means you have an excuse to get out the house of go for a nice country walk.

Making your wreath

Making a natural wreath is really very very simple, it can take a bit of skill and patience’s to get that professional look but with such low costs it’s a great way to hone your crafting skill.

You will need to go foraging for

  • Leaves
  • Berries (be aware these can be poisonous so keep away from curious little fingers)
  • Twigs
  • Evergreen branches, fir tree branches
  • Dried oranges
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • You can even use fresh herbs

You will need purchase

  • A wire ring from a local florist or online
  • Gold and silver spray paint
  • String, wire or twist ties for attaching everything together

You will also need spongy moss which holds moisture this can either be found in the wild or purchased from a garden centre.

Step 1

Go for a walk with a bag and pick up the various foraging items from common land, roadsides and even your own garden. Keep those eyes peeled for a variety of colours and textures.

Step 2

With the wire ring from the florist there should be an inside area and an outside. We are going to stuff the inside ring of the wreath with moss as this will hold moisture and will help keep the exterior foliage alive for longer. Once stuffed warp with string to keep it in place.

Step 3

The key to the wreath is layering. Take your foraged foliage and make little bunches and bind them together with string or wire ties. Once you are happy with the bunch you want to use a loop of wire or a long twist tie to fix it to the wreathe, have it pinned securely to the wire ring. Repeat this process layering the little bunches across one another until all the moss is covered and you have a plump looking wreathe

Step 4

Break up the ever greens with coloured ribbon, gold and silver pine cones, candy canes and any other festive things you can thing of.



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