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Beat the Frosts - Top Tips

With the cold weather having finally struck its time for all the fun and games that comes with being a gardener in the winter. Over the past few weeks we have looked at keeping plants alive this winter and how you can carry on your plant and flower passion by focusing on indoor gardening. Below is a few previous posts which look at Keeping flowers alive this winter, how to grow plants successfully indoors and where you should place your plants to stave off any chance of the winter blues.

Keeping Indoor Plants this Winter

With the first real frost rolling in this week and the start of those ever familiar sub zero temperatures its time to batten down the garden shed and put away those outdoor tools but that’s not a reason to give up on gardening. Here are some of our tips to keep your gardening hobby alive this winter with some of the best indoor plants to keep you active and brighten up your home………………………


Keep those flowers alive this winter

Having had our first frost this week of the winter what better tips to give than how you can keep your indoor and outdoor plants alive this winter. It’ll require a bit of work to keep your flowering friends alive but with some simple expert tips to help spring will come around and just as quickly as it went……………..


Where to place your flowers to maximise your happiness

We all are aware that have plants in the home helps lift our spirits, helps clean the air and all round just makes the home a happier and healthier place. Here are some tips for creating a flower empowered home to match your personal style and décor using findings from recent research from Harvard University.


Where to place your flowers for maximum happiness

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