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Weird and rare plants – Which would you give for valentines

So its just under a week till valentines, instead of seductive roses and pretty roses, which of these weird and rare plants would you rather give.

Baseball Plant

 It may not look very affectionate but just think about it, if he does something wrong it’s the perfect object to throw.

Welwitschia Mirabilis

 It looks like a giant mess but if this was in your back garden you would never forget your loved one.

Titan Arum

 Show how much you love them with the worlds biggest flower, being up to 3ft wide and 12 feet high it’s the prefect gesture of displaying your love. (It should be said it does smell of rotting flesh but that shouldn’t matter)

Venus Fly Trap

 Venus fly trap will definitely keep the flys, bugs and beasties away a very sensible gift when you think about it.

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