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Top Tuesday Tips – How to survive the house pipe ban

With the introduction of the hosepipe ban across large parts of southern England (affecting nearly 1/3 of all UK households) we have scoured the Internet to bring you some of the top tips of how to survive this summer and still have a beautiful looking garden.

National trust garden

The beautiful National Trust Nyams Garden survives off the mains.

Collect Water

Save your grey water – water from the kettle, from rinsing fruit and veg and if you use biodegradable washing up liquid the grey water from after washing can be used. Leave the water to cool if warm and then transfer over to a watering can.

Buy a water butt – for between £20 - £30 you can buy water butts ranging from 100 – 200 litres which collect and save rain water for use throughout the year. Another great tip is to refill the butt with grey shower and bath water and install a porous / leaky pipe to allow irrigation to the roots.


Be sure to only water in the early mornings or the late evenings. Watering at other times of day means more water will evaporate before it reached the roots.

Grass is versatile, even though it may end up looking a bit shabby and brown but will recover with the autumn rain. Only water those important plants.

Water at the base of the plant close to the roots for most effective watering


Add into your soil organic mulch which will help to retain water. A layer of bulky mulch around 25mm below the surface will aid the retention of moisture.

Plant plants close to together so they can get a good root system going.


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