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Top Tuesday Tips - What to plant in April

April is a great month for getting back into the garden if you’ve been putting it of so far this year. With the challenges of the unpredictable weather (the last 7 days are a prime example) with a bit of care and preparation you can get some excellent returns on time invested in your garden this April. So what should you be planting in your garden this April, well if you need ground cover, to redo an entrance, flowerbed or fence line each one can be taken care of in April.


Pansies are a great little plant to adding to your flower bed and boarders in April. With there large number of variety multitude of colours and shapes they really help in adding a variety of colourful to your spring garden. The best time to plant them is after the frost warnings have surpassed but could be planted before if you keep an eye on the weather and take action when needed.


Summer Flowering Bulbs

Since these bulbs will take quite a while before they bloom its best to get them into the ground now for a summer bloom. Lily, dahlia and gladiola bulbs can all be planted now with the same attention needed in case of frost. Another good tip is to mark the location of the bulb with a stick just incase they need to be transplanted later in the year.

Pulmonaria / Blue Ensign

These hardy plants are great for those areas of the garden which are just not perfect. The bare spots under trees, shady spots in the corner of the garden or along the fence line.


Akebia Quinata

Want your garden to smell of vanilla / chocolate? Want a plant that will bring colour all year round will? Planting Akebia Quinata with its deep burgundy and maroon flowers in the spring and its rich green stems in the winter will add colour all year long as well as a memorable and lovely scent to those flower beds and entrance ways!  

Akebia Quinata

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