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Top Tips for Tuesday: DIY Flower Arrangements

Top Tips for Tuesday: DIY Flower Arrangements

For today’s selection of top tips, we thought we’d have a little look at the art of flower arrangement. Putting flowers together in a satisfying arrangement is an incredibly rewarding feeling. It’s great to know that you’re not just stuffing vases haphazardly full of your favourite flowers, but that you’re actually setting those flowers off to their best advantage. Inspired by some other great blogs on this subject, we’ve summarised a few of the basic essentials in putting together a pleasing arrangement.


1. Elegance is key


It’s important to remember just how much impact the sight of flowers has. You don’t need to stuff vases full to make them look lovely – just a few complimentary blooms in a shapely white or clear container often has a much greater visual impact than an ugly, gaudy pot stuffed so full of flowers that you can’t tell what any of them are.


2. Use complimentary colours


Think hard about what colours go together. It’s hard to combine more than three colours, so try to keep your bouquet down to two or three colours which rally set ach other off. Great combinations include pink and white, purple and yellow, or red with orange. Cool colours – blue, green – will contrast with warm ones such as red and orange. Browse the Clare Florist site for ideas if you want to see which colours we think look great.


3. Don’t ignore your greens!


When you’re collecting flowers from your garden, don’t just pick up colourful flowerheads – get an armful of lush green foliage as well! Especially for single-colour bouquets (say a mix of reds), a background palette of neutral greens will really set the whole thing off, and provide a fresh, natural aesthetic


4. Stay in shape


Colour isn’t the only thing that makes a bouquet look great. Here at Clare we know that all kinds of tiny things make a difference – and the shape of a bouquet is definitely one of those. Consider how your bouquet, bunch or arrangement will look from every different angle, and where the light will strike it when it’s been set down in the room.


We hope these tips helped! And remember – if you just can’t get your own flowers to sit pretty, here at Clare Florist we offer next-day delivery on bouquets put together by expert professionals, so you don’t need too worry about having a petal out of place!

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