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Weird and Wonderful Wednesday: The Edible Bus Stop

Edible Bus Stop image 2

Edible bus stops are set to spring up all over the country, after an initial success in Stockwell, South London.

But what the Dickens, I hear you cry, is an edible bus stop?

It’s a wonderful new projects, brought about by a ‘guerrilla gardening’ group in London, who feel that the brutal appearance of urban environments contributes to a ‘brutal outlook’. So they seek to soften the blow, improving people’s quality of life by installing a range of ‘green space’ projects to make urban environments more pleasant to talk around in. And, as it happens, make them snackable too!

The project’s website states, ‘Therefore, we explore high-end aesthetics at lower-end budgets to create garden designs that promote harmonious community growing spaces, demonstrating that good food and good design is not socially exclusive.’

‘Our objective is to create a network of gardens whereby skills and resources are shared via our Edible Bus Stop umbrella organization.’

There are two edible bus stops so far, both featuring a range of flowers and vegetables grown around an urban bus stop in an otherwise perhaps unappealing area, to add some colour, some greenery and maybe a little bit of fresh air into people’s lives. After all, no-one likes waiting for the bus, but maybe you’d find it a little bit more fun if you were surrounded by a garden of sumptuous seasonal produce?

Edible Bus Stop image 2

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