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Are Blue Flowers Really Calming?

It’s long been held that the colour blue can help instil feelings of calmness and concentration. In fact, according to research in colour psychology, the colour blue can even slow down your metabolic rate. Stronger blue hues are thought to have the power to help stimulate thinking such as the indigo of iris flowers. Softer shades of blue can help with the ability to concentrate. As such, blue flowers for the workplace or home office are a great way to help encourage clear thinking and reduce stress.

Other connotations we associate with blue flowers include confidence, security, honesty and stability. All in all, it isn’t any wonder that the colour blue when used in floral arrangements is thought to induce a calming effect. Blue also brings to mind vast natural wonders such as the sea or the sky, helping to evoke a meditative, contemplative, serene mood.

One of the most popular blue flowers is undoubtedly the iris, a flower which derives its name from the Greek word for rainbow. Clare Florist’s Midnight Iris bouquet is a fine example of a peaceful, soothing bouquet. Created using the freshest blue irises and pretty purple tulips, the Midnight Iris would make for a wonderful gift, to a loved one or even to yourself as a way to lend a touch of tranquillity to your own surroundings!

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