Wedding Anniversary flowers:

Weddings are the most popular celebratory Anniversary globally.  There is no better way to express your feelings and show your love and respect than with fabulous flowers.  Do you know someone who is celebrating a wedding anniversary this year?  If so did you know that there are specific flowers that are dedicated to the anniversary year? A magnificent bouquet of fabulous fresh flowers - sent from the heart is a perfect gift for those celebrating...  From their first wedding anniversary to their fiftieth golden wedding anniversary;  a gift of flowers is sure to delight and deliver heart felt sentiment.

Bellow is a list showing what flower and flowers are used in the celebration for a particular anniversary. 


Year Anniversary

Anniversary Flower


1st Year Anniversary

Carnations or Pansies

2nd Year Anniversary

Lilly of the Valley

3rd Year Anniversary

Sunflowers or Fuchsia

4th Year Anniversary

Hydrangea or Geraniums

5th Year Anniversary


6th Year Anniversary

Calla Lily

7th Year Anniversary


8th Year Anniversary

Clematis or Lilac

9th Year Anniversary

Birds of Paradise or Poppies

10th Year Anniversary


11th Year Anniversary


12th Year Anniversary


13th Year Anniversary


14th Year Anniversary

Dahlia or Orchids

15th Year Anniversary


20th Year Anniversary

Day Lilies

25th Year Anniversary


30th Year Anniversary

Sweet Peas

40th Year Anniversary


50th Year Anniversary



If you are looking for a particular flower or flowers to send to that special someone,  we have made it easy for you.  Simply go to our web site; and click on the 'Flowers by Type' button.


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2 responses to Wedding Anniversary flowers:

#1 WhittakersFlowerwrap on Jan 17 2011 at 1:06 PM

It's my 6 year anniversary this year and i couldn't decide what to get my wife, but thanks to this handy list i now know to get her a big bouquet of Calla Lilies

#2 Nesha Johnson on Sep 15 2015 at 12:34 PM

Woww..Such a beautiful and lovely tips to celebrate wedding anniversary with flowers.All the mention flowers at differant levels are perfact.Thanks for giving such ideas.Thank you for sharing this article.