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Beginners Guide to Buying Christmas Flowers

December is here and Christmas is near. It’s the time of year to see beautiful decorations when passing by windows or seeing different kinds of installations on front steps or on doors. Flowers add a wonderful decorative element to any space but there are others that do equally well too.


Christmas Flowers are not only pretty to look at but some of them give off a wonderful fragrance too. They look even lovelier when bundled together to form a bouquet. A floral arrangement can become the centre of attention in any part of the home. Red roses and carnations make a particularly delightful combination. While Christmas is a fun and festive time where colours such as red, green, gold and white comes alive, other shades are equally perfect for the occasion. An all-white bouquet featuring lilies, roses and winter chrysanthemums look lovely as a centrepiece as does a collection of statice, santini and frosted berries for those who prefer the coolness of blues and whites during the holiday season.


Christmas Plants make better decorative elements over flowers because they last longer. This looks like a good option for those who want to keep colours alive well into the New Year. Or, they can be sent as gifts for a gardening lover who can add the plant into their blooming collection. Red and green are two of the most seen colours during the holiday season which you can get in rose plants, amaryllis plants and cyclamen plants – just to name a few. White plants like hyacinth with its shape and fragrance just liven up any space. Of course, no one can forget one of the most popular plants used as a Christmas floral display: poinsettias.


Doors can be lovely on their own, but putting a wreath on it adds a bit more colour and texture. While you can do a lot with Christmas trees, hanging a Christmas wreath on the front door is the only decorative item some put up during the holidays. It’s quite understandable these days as well with everyone being busy and not having enough time to scour markets for items to hang on a tree. As such, a wreath will do and they do stand on its own. Wreaths with all the traditional Christmas elements – pine cones, cherries, dried moss and spruce twigs – make wonderful front door decorative piece. While that combination is festive enough, there are even more festive wreath varieties like one that’s heavy on red and green – traditional Christmas colours.

What’s nice about the items here is that they work well as decoration and as gifts. We here at Clare Florist have an offer where you can include a teddy and a box of chocolates as part of a gift set. Simply browse through our collection of Christmas flowers and gifts to find the item you want to send as a present. We offer delivery of Christmas plants, wreaths and bouquets across the UK, so once you’ve found an item you want, simply place an order and we’ll take care of the delivery!

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