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Clare Florist Advent Calendar - 2 days to go!


days to go

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve....and after THAT, comes...well, we think you know. Meanwhile, the countdown continues! In today's Clare Florist Advent Calendar, you find ...Holly

And yes, we know we already featured holly, as 'ilex', all the way back in the first day of the Advent Calendar. But with a plant this Christmassy, we felt it deserved a spot at BOTH ends of the CF calendar. Deck the halls!

Festive Fact: The ancient Romans, always a source of entertaining facts, believed that holly could ward off evil spirits. They used to decorate theuir fireplaces with it on the shrotest day of the year, to stop evil spirits coming down the chimney. This is actually the beginning of the tradition which leads to us still decorating our homes with holly today. The Christians took the Romans' tradition, and co-opted it into part of the celebrations of the birth of Christ.

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