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Deep Sea "Flowers"

Flowers grow in gardens, right? Okay, and hedgerows. And on vines in humid jungles, on cacti in arid deserts, in meadows, by roadsides....okay, we get the picture. You can find flowers pretty much anywhere. But the bottom of the ocean?

Well, sort of.  

It is true that you won't find flowers in the usual -- or even scientific -- sense blooming 20,000 leagues under the sea. But there are certainly creatures under the sea which are static, colourful, and "bloom" with incredible beauty -- which are some of the things we prize most in flowers.

Check out, for example, this incredible underwater anenome -- it's even named after a flower! The name "anenome" was first used to refer to a type of flower, before it became associated with these weirdly gorgeous sea creatures. 

And how about this stunning coral reef? Try to tell me that doesn't remind you of an orange-themed flower garden in full and glorious bloom!


So even if we haven't quite found any deep sea flowers, we've found some things just as fascinating and lovely! What next -- flowers in space....?

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