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Dreaming of Flowers

Dreaming of Flowers

Dream interpretation is a fascinating field. Whilst the meaning of different symbols within a dream can vary according to the dreamer and their particular circumstances, it is still interesting to look up the subjects of your dream in dream dictionaries and the like to get some suggestions as to what various aspects of a dream can symbolise. For example, what is the meaning of seeing flowers in your dream? According to research we conducted online, dreaming of flowers can mean a multitude of different things.

By and large, it's thought that dreaming of flowers is generally positive, after all we do tend to associate flowers with happiness and pleasure. This is assuming the dream is of fresh, beautiful flowers like the kind we deliver from Clare Florist. If your dream involves wilted, dying or dead flowers, it's safe to assume that this can have a more ominious meaning. Flowers in bud or in bloom can be symbolic of rebirth or of entering a new phase of your life.

The level of insight one can derive from dream interpretation can also depend on how intricately specific details of the dream are recalled. When it comes to flower dreams, the exact type of flower can influence the meaning of that dream. For example, dreaming of anemones can be taken as a sign that you shouldn't trust someone whilst the appearance of buttercups can suggest success in business. Honeysuckle can signify domestic unrest whilst dreaming of narcissus can mean that you have behaved unfairly to someone close. Dreaming of Iris is thought to convey hope and good news. Unsurprisingly, a Freudian analysis of flowers appearing in dreams links back to sexuality with the flowers themselves representing virginity with its connotations of purity and innocence.

If you do have a dream involving flowers, it's a good idea to get it all down on paper as soon as you wake up so that no important details are lost. Dreams evaporate from the waking mind with remarkable haste and it's vital that no significant clues vanish. It's therefore a good idea to keep a dream journal within easy reach of the bedside so that you can jot down notes and observances which can then later be researched either online or via physical dream dictionaries at your local library.

Have you ever had an interesting dream involving flowers which turned out to be significant? Let us know in the comments!

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