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Extinct Flower Discovered Near Souter Lighthouse, UK

This week we have some recent news about a discovery of a flower which was classed as extinct, but now it looks like we may have spoke to soon!

The Corncockle flower, an eye catching yet poisonous flower has been discovered by Dougie Holden, a National Trust assistant range growing near Souter Lighthouse in Whitburn, Sunderland. The corncockle flower used to be common and could be seen in many wheat fields, however with the rise and development of modern farming methods it was wiped off the countryside.

Whilst an attractive flower, visitors should be careful not to touch it as it can lead to vomiting, stomach pain and in extreme cases death. In a bid to help populate the flower, the National Trust is hoping the plant will re-establish itself over the upcoming years with the fall of the seeds this summer.

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