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Fend off the Flu with Fresh Flowers

As winter fast approaches so does the likelihood of cold, flu and similar nasty bugs. There are many preventative measures you can take against the common cold including the use of herbal essences and similar approaches. Flowers have long been renowned for their medicinal properties in various cultures throughout history so we thought we'd take a look at a few of these healing flowers. Although traditionally consumed in essence form or in herbal tea, it's not to say that these flowers couldn't also be used as get well soon gifts or simply as decorations to brighten your space and inspire well-being!

Chrysanthemums have been traditionally used to cure colds and fevers and are also thought to help combat headaches, eye inflammations and hypertension. Our ever-popular Vibrant Vibe offers a cheerful blend of Green Bloom and Green Spray Chrysanthemums amidst an array of other flesh flowers including Orange Roses and Cerise Gerberas.

Traditionally prepared as a tea, Chrysanthemums have a rich history of use in Chinese medicine. The flower can also be prepared in supplement form with reported effects ranging from increasing coronary blood flow to reducing capillary permeability. Clinical studies in Asia have indicated that Chrysanthemum can be used to relieve a number of symptoms of high blood pressure such as dizziness, insomnia and headaches.

The symptoms of the common cold have also been successfully treated by Chrysanthemum flowers by Chinese practicioners including swollen glands, headaches, and fevers.

Other interesting medicinal uses of the Chysanthemum flower include treating heat rash and improving your vision and overall eye health. The flower has also been proven to have antibiotic effects and can even be used to remedy bad breath.

There are various other flowers that are known for their medicinal benefits including California Poppies, Honeysuckle, Morning Glory, Valerian and Sunflower. The health benefits of floral based teas and supplements range from the internal to external, the physical to the mental. Everything from sore throats and coughs to anxiety and insomnia can be treated by traditional floral applications. Whilst ordering a fresh bouquet of flowers will not work as a direct cure for your flu or cold, it will definitely inspire a feeling of cheerfulness and exuberance to fight off the oncoming winter gloom. You will probably find that this will be half the battle towards keeping you basking in rude health over the autumn and winter months!

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