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Flower of the Week - Freesias

One of our popular Flowers, Freesias have the advantage over other flowers as having one of the strongest fragrant scents, helping add a sweet perfume to your room. They are known for their unique sword shape floral design making them stand out from more traditional flowers such as Roses or Lilies, and they come in a range of colours to best suit the design of your room.

Freesia flowers are African in origin and date back to 1878 when they were first introduced into cultivation. They are primarily grown in greenhouses, making them available all year round.

Freesia flowers are known for being incredibly resilient and can last longer than other flower types out when left out in the heat and sun (though we recommend placing them in water in a vase and left in a shaded area). Our Freesia flowers look stunning on their own and they also compliment other flowers to combine together such as our Cascade Bouquet  which mixes Roses, Lilies and Freesias for a beautiful arrangement.

Top Freesia Flower Facts

  • Freesia flowers come in a variety of colours, from white, yellows, pinks, red, purples oranges and mauve.
  • The scent of Freesias has been described as soap like, making them a keen ingredient in many body lotions, perfumes and soaps.
  • Traditionally Freesias were used to symbolize innocence and purity.
  • They were named after German physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese.
  • Freesia flowers are known for their characteristic wiry stems and delicate blooms.

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