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Flower Power: Siberian activists use petals for protest

When you think of "saying it with flowers", you normally have something pretty pleasant in mind for the "it": saying "thank you", perhaps, or "saying congratulations!" -- or of course saying "I love you"

But if new reports coming in from Siberia are to be believed, flowers are also great for saying "Oi! Fix these roads, you lazy sod!"

Activists in the Siberian city of Tomsk are to plant flowers in all of the potholes they can find on the city streets, in protest at the dreadful state of the loca roads. The campaign, started by activist Igor Sashov, originally painted circles around all of the potholes -- but this didn't seem to attract the council's attention. 

So now they're hoping that if they say it with flowers, it might have a little more effect!

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