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Flowers with Faces?

Here at Clare Florist our florists have noticed an interesting phenomena when arranging certain flowers. The psychological phenomenon Pareidolia refers to our ability to see significant details in random images or sounds. One of the most common examples of Pareidolia is our ability to see faces in common objects with noticeable examples being the man on the moon, or recent examples of people seeing religious faces on a slice of toast or cooked food!

Throughout the flower world there are certain flower types that are more prone to this phenomenon of looking like a face than others. This novel feature of the flowers adds extra character and makes them quite the sight to behold.

One of the most common flower types that resembles a face is pansies. A colorful flower with visible markings, pansies are a popular flower especially around the Autumn and Winter time, and can grow up to 10 inches tall.

As you can see from the picture of them, the striking colour combination of the petal creates an angry looking face, and together a field of them looks like a small army protecting the rest of your flower bed. These bright colours help pollination, and the pansy flower is able to last long periods of time before wilting and dying out.

Whilst we currently do not have any pansies in stock, we do have a vast selection of different flower types available including Roses, Carnations, Lilies and Orchids which you can use to brighten up your home and add a warm touch to your surroundings.

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