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Fun Facts about Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular occasions celebrated by young and old. Every year people eagerly wait for this occasion so that they can express their love for their partner. To celebrate Valentines Day here are some fun and interesting facts that you might not be aware of!

  • There are numerous gift ideas for the Valentine’s Day but still chocolates are the first preference of the couples. Around 36 million chocolates boxes are sold on this day than on other any other occasion.

  • Apart from the chocolates, the demand of red roses is quite high on this day with about 50 million red roses sold every year. Everyone loves to buy these red roses and give them to their loved one, no matter what the price is.

  • It was in the year 1800’s that the first candy box for the Valentine’s Day was introduced by Richard Cadbury.

  • On the Valentine’s Day, around 73% of the males buy red roses for their partners which are quite less than the females buying the flowers.

  • Though there is a huge array of Valentine’s flowers available, red roses are most popular because the color red symbolizes love and romance. Red roses have a huge demand on this day and sold at very high prices.

  • When it comes to buying the Valentine’s greetings, women are ahead of the men. About 85% of the women buy the greetings for their life partners and friends.

  • According to the popularity, it is seen that the teachers receive the maximum number of greetings on the Valentine’s Day followed by the children, wives and then the girlfriends.

  • As Valentine’s Day is one of the auspicious occasions for the couples, therefore most of them plan to propose on this day. Every year around 220, 000 proposals are made.

  • In America, over $1 billion is spent on buying the chocolates for the Valentine’s Day.

  • Most people purchase the Valentine gift 6 days prior to the occasion.

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