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Fun Flower Recycling videos

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We've hunted down some of YouTube's best flower recycling videos, to give you some great arts and crafts ideas. Perfect to do with the kids this spring -- or if spring STILL isn't really happening, why not make your living room or kitchen into an indoor recycled-flower wonderland, while the rest of the world catches up outside?

First up is YouTube user jenniebellie, showing you how to make recycled paper flowers using junk mail, scrap paper, and other bits and bobs that otherwise would just be clogging up your recycling bin:

Or how about this video from Little Miss Stamper, making flowers from old pop / soda / juice (wherever you're from ;)) bottles?

Finally, check out this post from sreechinnu2007 (who has a bunch of other videos on flower-shaped recycling projects!). Here, she's making flowers ...out of drinking straws.

Happy watching. Happy making!

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