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Happy Good Friday from Clare Florist

Happy Good Friday from Clare Florist

Easter wishes

A few cheery thoughts this Good Friday...

1) Lent is over tomorrow night! So if you've given up chocolate, alcohol, Facebook or smoking for the 46 days of Lent, tomorrow's when you get to indulge yourself all over again and be reminded why you gave up in the first place.

(Entertaining aside: the most commonly given-up thing this year, according to Twitter, was 'being the Pope')

2) Friday AND Monday are public holidays! Although, bizarrely, Easter Sunday itself isn't. Unlucky, weekend workers.

3) Just two days until Easter. Which, if you're doing it right, should mean more chocolates and flowers (nudge nudge, wink wink) than you can shake a stick at. Got nobody willing to buy you an Easter Egg? Who cares, go get one yourself!

And best of all...

4) Just THREE days until all the supermarket Easter Eggs go on sale because it's after Easter ;)

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