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June's Birth Flower: the Rose

June, the first month of summer, holds favourable associations in everyone's heart. The anticipation for summer has been mounting all throughout spring and it's finally here. There's nothing quite like the beginning of June with the whole summer ahead to look forward to enjoying.

For those with birthdays in June, the official birth flower for the month is the rose, a flower which is rich in myriad symbols and associations. The meaning you intend to convey when sending roses can vary greatly depending on the colour. Different colours of rose tend to carry different connotations so let's look at each of these in a bit more depth:

1. Red Roses

A perennial favourite with the passionate and romantic among us, nothing signifies love quite like a bouquet of red roses. For these reasons, red roses are great if your other half is celebrating a birthday during June or if you have an anniversary coming up during this month. Famous throughout literature and art as a motif representing affection and love, the red rose is en enduring and potent symbol.

Yellow Roses2. Yellow Roses

A recurring symbol of friendship, the yellow rose is ideal if you are seeking a gift with more of a platonic slant, rather than an amorous one. As such, if you have friends who have a June birthday and you're stuck for gift inspiration, a bouquet of yellow roses would make for a fine idea. The cheerful yellow of the petals makes yellow roses also great for get well soon gifts.

Dozen White Roses3. White Roses

Traditionally associated with innocence and purity, the white rose has come to be associated with marriage, reverence and fomral occasions. If you have June anniversaries or christenings pencilled into your calender, a resplendent bouquet of white roses would make for an elegant and  thoughtful gift.

4. Orange Roses

Symbolic of enthusiasm, the vivid hue of the orange rose only came about at the beginning of the 20th century when florists began experimenting with crossing yellow and red roses. Whilst yellow conveys friendship and red conveys love, orange can sometimes sit ambiguously somewhere in between. Perfect if you are giving someone a birthday gift and want to remain somewhat mysterious in your feelings...

5. Pink Roses

The pink rose is probably the most versatile colour of rose in terms of its meaning. Readily adaptable to any occasion, pink roses can be used to signify love, gratitude, admiration and appreciation. As well as making for a great June birthday gift, a bouquet of pink roses is also perfect as a thank you gift, anniversary gift, or for cheering up a friend who is in need of cheering up.

As you can see, roses can be called on for all kinds of occasions. Being the birth flower of June makes the rose ideal as a birthday gift for anyone born in this month, whether it's a lover, friend or relative. The sheer versatility afforded by the different colours of rose available means that there is something to suit everyone!

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