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Metal Flowers which Bloom in Sunshine

So this is pretty cool - a company called Bimetal Creations have revealed an innovative new form of metallic sculpture, namely metal flowers that open and close themselves in accordance with variations in temperature! There are no engines, batteries, solar panels, tricks or gimmicks involved. The design works purely through the use of something called thermal expansion. What does this involve exactly? Basically, two different metals are fused together, creating something which is known as a bimetal strip. When the temperature rises, these two different metals expand at varying rates. This causes the petals of these metallic flowers to move when warmed by the sun, creating what could almost be viewed as organic artificial flowers.

Bimetal Creations are currently seeking funding for this interesting project via Kickstarter. The company is the brainchild of Gregory Mathy, an engineer who wanted to create a unique gift for his mum. Based in California, Gregory makes his metal flowers by hand. Backers for his Kickstarter will receive rewards of their very own metal flowers, a unique decoration that would be sure to create a fascinating focal point within any garden or balcony space. There are currently four different models available at present and the creator has also hinted that different models may become available in the future.

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